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Wedding Celebrant South Coast
Carol Volcov

Carol and Alex Volcov have both been involved with the writing and preparation of Ceremonies for all occasions since 1995. Between them, Carol and Alex have performed over 2,000 ceremonies.

Carol and Alex bring a personal commitment of sincerity, warmth and dignity to all their ceremonies.

The Marriage Ceremony is one of the most important and rewarding occasions in a couples lives, and should be one which they, their family and friends will remember for a lifetime.

The Naming Ceremony is a warm, relaxed and friendly gathering of family and friends, where the proud parents formally bestow the chosen names for their beautiful child/children.

Wedding Celebrant South Coast
Alex Volcov

The Renewal of Vows Ceremony is often performed for a special wedding anniversary, or as a gift of love from one partner to the other. It shows the continuation of the love that the couple has for each other and the continuation of the marriage vows that they made to each other.

The Commitment Ceremony is another way for many people to show their love for each other. You and your partner can choose from many different ceremonies..... Traditional, Romantic, Formal or Contemporary.

Carol and Alex put the same amount of energy in all ceremonies irrespective of religious, cultural or personal beliefs. These ceremonies are both a remembrance of times past and exciting futures together. Both Carol and Alex strive for professional excellence and are committed to the Australian Attorney-Generals Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants.